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General recipes

Recipes from 10 Spanish speaking countries, plus food conversions and a dictionary

Marilee’s International Food Links

Information about food from all over the world by region, including South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Comida chilena

Simple Chilean recipes in Spanish

Comida guatemalteca

Guatemalan recipes

More general recipes

Recipes and other information from the Spanish speaking world

Comida peruana

Peruvian recipes in Spanish

Comida española

Bilingual recipes from Spain

Comida uruguaya

A variety of Uruguayan recipes, plus where to buy the ingredients, if you happen to be going to New York or New Jersey

Comida argentina

754 Argentine recipes!!

Comida boliviana

Bolivian recipes with advice for common cooking problems.



Created Susan Casarez

Spanish Teacher Levels 3 and 5

Gaithersburg High School

Montgomery County