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Person 3-Dedication

Your job is to find some appropriate words of dedication for the memorial. Read the words of each of the following selections and evaluate each one. Then choose the two that you think are most appropriate. Copy the words and present them to your group. The final copy of the dedication that you choose for the memorial should be typed or hand written. Don't forget to cite the source and author of the selection that you choose.




Poetry by relatives or friends of the disappeared


Poetry by the Argentine, Jorge Luis Borges, "Arte Poética"

The words to the
Argentine National Anthem

The words to the song "Hermano, Dame tu Mano", by Mercedes Sosa


"No Estamos Solos", a tango by María José Escudero


"El Arte de Vivir", a selection from  Argentine folkloric music
Click on "Lyrics", then "E" and choose "El Arte de Vivir"

Poem by Raúl Sendíc-
"Los Timoneles"


My recommendation is:




Feedback from my group:


Our final decison:



The words to my selection:








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